God and Nihilism

10 Feb

I am not closed to the possibility of their being a God, a creator. That may seem like it’s incompatible with nihilism, but I’m really not sure how.

Nihilism insists there is no inherent meaning in anything, that everything is meaningless. (We could talk about relative meaning/value here as opposed to inherent meaning, but relative meaning really is so much hogwash; since when does deciding you want something to be true make it true?)

Where nihilism and the belief in a creator conflict is in the belief that an all-powerful creator like a god or God, ensures that there will be inherent meaning attritubed to things by Word of God; that God can decide moral values and those moral values are absoluletly true, that what God says is good IS good, and what God says is bad, IS bad.

The thing is, if God popped out of the sky for a chat with me, I wouldn’t stand around with my fingers in my ears, chanting that he could not exist. Nor would I get down on my knees, insta-converted to a true believah by the fact of God.

No, for the most part, I wouldn’t change at all. Because the existence of God would not be proof of God’s correctness in assigning moral value; in fact, in all of the Bible, there is little to suggest that God is not following his own whims and biases in assigning moral value.

Just because you are more powerful than me, or more knowledgeable than me, does not mean your moral relativity has any more weight behind it than anyone else’s.

In other words, I think it is possible for nihilism to co-exist in a world where knowledge of the existence of a deity is fact. I don’t find it all that important whether a nihilist attributes their own existence to creation by a deity, or to science, or just plain doesn’t care.

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